5 most common electrical faults in a property


It’s likely we will all experience some kind of electrical fault in our lifetime, whether it’s in a rented or owned property or your workplace. Here are some of the most common electrical faults that our Crouch End electricians come across in properties.

Fuse Box Tripping

Your fuse box and the circuit breaker are designed to protect you. If it is frequently tripping it’s a sign that something isn’t right. You might be able to identify what appliance is causing it to trip our notice a pattern or it might refuse to come back on because the issue is ongoing. It could be tripping because a power outlet in your home is exposed to water, or it is experiencing a surge or issue when it is turned on. It is best to call an electrician for this kind of problem as it can be difficult to locate and fix the problem without professional experience and they will be able to safely isolate the area and fix the issue. If you find yourself without power permanently then you can use our emergency call-out service to get you back to power quickly.

Frequent Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can be common, sometimes due to lightning strikes or damage to power lines in heavy wind but sometimes these can be called by faulty appliances or bad electrical wiring. While an electrical surge is very quick, if you notice this happen frequently then it is best to get the problem fixed as over time this can cause your appliances to degrade over time and reduce their life expectancy. Try removing any cheap or old devices or power cables and see if this stops the problem, if it persists call an electrician.

Power Switches Not Working

Do you have a switch that seemingly does nothing? It’s not uncommon to have a mystery switch and it could be that the fixture it was installed for has been removed or there is a fault in outlet or circuit wiring. If a light won’t turn on or a power outlet is not working, you could hire an electrician to explore the issue or ensure it is safe.

Overloaded Power Outlets

Many homes do not have enough power outlets to meet the modern needs of a home, such as powering an entertainment station, computers or charging portable items. Overloading power sockets with extension leads and plugs can be dangerous and cause a power outlet to become overloaded. Unplug or turn off items not in use and buy extension leads with surge protection. Never daisy-chain extension leads to reach further, buy a longer extension lead. It may be possible to move power sockets or install new ones, consult an electrician to see what is possible to make your home work better for you.

Light Bulbs Burning Out Quickly

Do you find your light bulbs are burning out quickly? It could be that the wattage is too high for your light outlet, this can be dangerous as the intense heat from the bulb can scorch or melt the socket causing permanent damage or sparks that can cause a fire. Be aware of the wattage your light socket can handle and only buy light bulbs that meet this. Other reasons for bulbs burning out can be that the insulation is too close to the light, bad wiring too much wattage on a dimmer switch or poor connection on the circuit. An electrician will be able to isolate the reason for the issue.

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