A typical day in the life of an electrician


No two days are ever the same for an electrician, our skillset means we could be working on a whole range of different projects from day to day but that’s what we love about it. Our job allows us to problem solve and feel a sense of accomplishment each day. Here is a typical day in the life of one of our Muswell Hill electricians.

6-7am – Wake up and get ready for the day

The day starts early so it’s up and out the house at the crack of dawn for an electrician as they head to the office to find out where they will be working that day.

7-8am – Get briefed on today’s jobs

We will get to the office about 7am and find out where we’re working. If we’re working on a long-term project, we may go directly to the job or be briefed on the day’s tasks and objectives. Following the briefing, we’ll get our tools and materials ready for the day and pick up what we need for the day.

8-12pm – Start at first job of the day

Depending on the size of the job, we could be attending multiple jobs during the day or one big project, we work at a mix of both commercial and domestic locations so these will have different demands. A domestic job could include fixing a tripping fuse box or installing outdoor lighting, it’s very varied. On a major site, we could be installing a whole electric system into a home, office or retail unit. That’s one of the best things about the job, you never know what you could be doing, and it’s really varied and interesting.

12pm – Lunch

After a busy morning, we break for lunch and grab something to eat. We usually bring a packed lunch as you never know where you will be working and the facilities on offer.

1pm-4pm – Continue the job or visit next job location

Depending on what project we are working on, we might be heading to our next job or continuing on the same job. We would have prepared all the tools and materials we need for the day, so we are ready for the next job. We’ll usually have given the customer an estimated time or might call them when we are on our way. We’ll spend the afternoon completing the job or getting it to a safe point for the evening.

4.30-5pm – Head back to the office

At the end of the day, we’ll head back to the office and return any tools or materials and will order in any parts we need for upcoming jobs. We’ll complete a works form detailing the work done so a bill can be prepared for our client and then head home to relax after a busy day!

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