What makes Bison Electrical an excellent electrical services provider in London?

Professionalism and Accreditation When it comes to selecting an electrical services provider in London, Bison Electrical shines as an excellent choice due to our outstanding qualities. As a leading company in the industry, Bison Electrical embodies professionalism and holds accreditations from reputable UK bodies such as NICEIC or ECA. With their extensive expertise and years […]

UK Government Launches Initiative to Improve Electrical Safety Standards in Rental Properties

In a significant step towards enhancing electrical safety in rental properties across the UK, the government has launched a new initiative aimed at improving electrical services and standards. The initiative, led by the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government, aims to ensure that tenants in rented accommodation are adequately protected from electrical hazards. Under […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Expansion Plan Unveiled in the UK

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise in the UK, the government has announced a comprehensive plan to expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the country. The plan, set to be implemented over the next five years, aims to address the growing need for accessible and reliable charging points, making electric […]

UK Government Announces New Incentives for Energy-Efficient Electrical Upgrades

In a bid to accelerate the transition to a greener and more sustainable future, the UK government has unveiled a series of new incentives aimed at promoting energy-efficient electrical upgrades. The initiatives, set to take effect from July 1st, 2023, are part of the government’s ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting energy conservation […]

Key do’s and don’ts when using an electric fan this summer

We finally have some warmer weather in the UK and, if like us, you’re relying on an electric fan to keep cool, you might not know how to safely use it. Consumer safety charity, Electrical Safety First, is urging people to follow a few key tips on staying cool when using an electric fan. The […]

Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

Electrical safety is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and comfortable home. The risks associated with electrical hazards can lead to fire, electrical shock, or worse. As a homeowner, it’s essential to take steps to prevent these hazards from occurring. Here are some tips to help you keep your home safe from electrical hazards. […]

The Benefits of Upgrading to LED Lighting in Your Home

Are you looking to save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint? Upgrading to LED lighting in your home could be the answer. Here are some of the benefits of switching to LED lighting: Energy Efficiency: LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. They use up to 80% less energy, […]

The Importance of Professional Electrical Services

Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives, and we rely on it for everything from lighting our homes to powering our electronics. However, electrical issues can be dangerous and should be handled by professionals. That’s where professional electrical services come in. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of professional electrical services and […]

How much are your appliances costing?


Have you ever wondered how much your electrical appliances are using? Did you know that by leaving your TV, kettle or toaster on standby you’re wasting electricity?  This is why smart meters are an essential allowing you to see exactly what you’re spending. As well as saving money, smart meters also encourage us to decrease our […]

Top 5 energy saving gadgets

When utilised properly, smart home appliances excel at making your home more resource and energy efficient. They also make living more convenient, safe, and even a little fun. You may install any one of these devices with little to no hassle or expense and start reaping the rewards right away. Additionally, if you install several, […]