How much does it cost to rewire a house in the UK?


How to rewire a house Rewiring a house can seem like a daunting prospect and a major task to undertake, but if you are buying an older home in need of renovation and the electrics are faulty or out of date – it is essential to ensure your home can run efficiently, safely and prevent […]

How to Run a Successful Electrical Business in the UK


While many think that running a successful electrical business in the UK may require expertise as an electrician, it isn’t always so. Some businesses owners can hire some competent electricians to work for them or partner up with an electrical expert and run a successful electrical business that way. It can take more than just […]

Electrical Safety Regulations


What are the requirements of the legislation? The Regulations specify that the first inspection/testing must be carried out: Before any new tenancy commences; or In the case of an existing tenancy, by 21 April 2021. Which means existing landlords of properties the Regulations apply to will need to have instructed and completed the inspection and […]

Why is electrical maintenance so important?


Whether it’s for your home or business, investing in electrical maintenance is important to help minimise the chances of a bigger issue occurring down the line. Keeping a regular eye on your electrics and ensuring everything is working as it should mean you have less chance of a disruptive issue occurring that could hinder your […]

A typical day in the life of an electrician


No two days are ever the same for an electrician, our skillset means we could be working on a whole range of different projects from day to day but that’s what we love about it. Our job allows us to problem solve and feel a sense of accomplishment each day. Here is a typical day […]

5 most common electrical faults in a property


It’s likely we will all experience some kind of electrical fault in our lifetime, whether it’s in a rented or owned property or your workplace. Here are some of the most common electrical faults that our Crouch End electricians come across in properties. Fuse Box Tripping Your fuse box and the circuit breaker are designed […]

What electrical regulations should my business know about?

electrical regulations

Electricity at Work Regulations There are legal regulations in place for the safety of employees and the public. It requires business owners, directors, managers and employees follow the ‘Electricity at Work Regulations’ which states that your electrics should be maintained to remain safe and that nothing can cause danger under normal or faulty conditions. The […]

10 ways to reduce your electricity bill


1. Insulate Your Home Electric bills go up in winter as we spend more time inside and have to heat our homes to keep warm and comfortable. Insulating your home is one of the best ways to keep you healthy and reduce the amount you spend on heating your home.  There are a variety of ways to do […]

What is an EICR and why do I need one?


What is an EICR? An electrical inspection condition report is a document that assesses the condition of an electrical installation. It is carried out by a qualified electrician and should be carried out at least every five years. The report will identify any areas of concern and make recommendations for remedial work. It is important […]