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Energy Performance Certificate London

Get An EPC Certificate For Your London Property

Are you looking to sell or rent your London property? Since 2013, it has been a legal requirement for any residential or commercial property on the market for selling or renting to display an energy performance certificate clearly within its advertisement.

For commercial buildings, it is also a requirement to display an energy performance certificate if the property is over 500sqm or it is visited frequently by the public.

Failure to have a valid certificate can lead to a fine of between £500-£5000, depending on the value of the property.

If you are in need of an updated energy performance certificate in London, Bison Electrical can supply you with a highly qualified and registered assessor to inspect the property and provide you with an accurate EPC certificate for your property. Our team of assessors are tested on a yearly basis as part of an accredited scheme to ensure they can provide the most accurate results for our customers.

Get Your Energy Performance Certificate in London Now

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or estate agent, we can provide you with an EPC certificate in London providing you with your latest energy rating and add you to the EPC register. During the assessment we will look at elements such as the boiler, floor plan, light bulbs, loft insulation, radiators and double glazing and how effective they are at reducing your energy consumption.

Following your assessment, the property with be graded between A-G, with A being the highest rating and G being the lowest. The higher the rating, the lower the energy bills and consumption which makes the property more inviting for the potential seller or renter.

The certificate will also detail the property’s carbon monoxide contribution and will detail steps that can be taken to reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills and improve the EPC rating.

Commercial EPC Certificate London

If you own or rent a commercial building, you will usually need to display your building’s energy rating. Your energy performance certificate in London is valid for 10 years and failing to have a valid EPC certificate can lead to a hefty fine.

With more and more businesses and customers becoming energy conscious, it is important to take steps to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property. Your EPC certificate for your property will detail ways that you can achieve this. After any improvements, you should get an updated EPC certificate to ensure it is up to date and can also promote your improvements.

As a business owner, you will also understand the demand of running costs, so reducing fuel energy bills will greatly help reduce your overheads as well as your contribution to climate change.

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If you are a homeowner, landlord or estate agent looking to gain an accurate and quick energy performance certificate in London, get in touch with us at Bison Electrical to book your assessment and find out prices.


What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

An energy performance certificate is a legal requirement for anyone looking to rent or sell a property. It needs to be prominently displayed with an advertisement and commercial buildings should display their EPC publicly.

When you receive an energy performance certificate in London, you will receive a grading between A-G which shows how energy efficient the property is. A is the highest and G is the lowest. Alongside your grading, it will detail any recommended changes which can be made to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.

An EPC certificate in London lasts 10 years and is added to the EPC register, however if any changes are made to the property in that time that improve energy efficiency, then a new certificate needs to be gained to represent the new energy rating, so the renters or buyers have the most up to date information to make an informed decision.

If you do not have a valid EPC certificate in London, you could face a fine of between £500 to £5000, so it is important to ensure yours is up to date and in date.

An EPC Certificate in London can vary depending on the size and scale of the building, we are happy to provide you with a free of charge quote, simply get in touch for prices.

A Commercial EPC certificate in London will usually be slightly more expensive than a residential property because of size and detail of the property, but the prices of our energy performance certificates in London are fair and affordable, giving you the most accurate picture of your energy efficiency as well as reliable and helpful advice on how you can improve your rating.

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