Key do’s and don’ts when using an electric fan this summer


We finally have some warmer weather in the UK and, if like us, you’re relying on an electric fan to keep cool, you might not know how to safely use it.

Consumer safety charity, Electrical Safety First, is urging people to follow a few key tips on staying cool when using an electric fan.

The warning comes after the first Heat Health alert of the year was issued for certain parts of the country by the Met Office and the UK Health Security Agency.

While the public tries to stay cool throughout the recent warm nights, they could risk overheating there electrical fans.

Here are the main do’s and don’ts when using an electric fan

Don’t leave your fan on overnight

Electric fans should be turned off before you go to sleep

During warm humid nights it can be tempting to keep your fan on, households actually put themselves at risk if a fault was to occur during the night whilst fast asleep.

Do make sure you purchase your electric fan from a reputable store

If you buy your electrical fan online from an unknown dealer, it could leave you vulnerable potentially dangerous or faulty imitations which could risk electric shock and fire.

Do not try to balance your fan on the edge of a surface

Make sure your fan is always placed on a flat and secure surface.

If the fan is balanced on the edge of a surface, it could tip over and cause the blades to hit the guard, putting the motor under additional strain.

This could even break your fan altogether.

Regularly clean the dust off of your electrical fan

There are two risks which can occur when your fan has collected dust.

The motor could be placed under additional strain from the dust, or the dust itself could become a potential source of ignition if the motor were to overheat.

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