Our electrical maintenance team is able to keep most industries running efficiently and effectively. Any site that relies on electric power

to operate the facility or its equipment needs a form of the electric maintenance profession to ensure that everything functions smoothly and we at Bison- Electrical are here to offer our services

Our electrical maintenance team installs and repairs equipment that have electrical components either on site or at centralized repair facilities

We organise routine servicing schedules, Initial and periodic inspection & testing of electrical installation.

Comercial Electricians in London

Other maintenance duties include

  • ​Fitting new parts
  • ​Carrying out quality inspections
  • ​Responding immediately to equipment breakdowns
  • ​Fixing faults or arranging for replacements to be installed
  • ​Keeping your delegated manager informed of progress
  • ​Organising teams to make sure 24-hour cover is available

We’re available to look after your electrical needs and electrical emergency 24hrs a day.