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Is it time to have your fuse boxes tested? Bison Electrical can help. Fuse boxes are an important part of any electrical system, and it is essential to ensure that they are functioning properly. One way to do this is through regular testing.

Fuse board testing is an essential part of maintaining a safe and functional electrical system. Fuse boards are designed to protect circuits from overheating and overloading, but they can only do this if they are in good working condition.

Fuse boards typically need to be tested every three to five years, but more frequent testing may be necessary if the fuse board is located in an area susceptible to damp or dust. During a fuse board test, a qualified electrician will inspect the fuse board and all associated circuits to ensure that they are in good working order.

We will also test the earth leakage circuit breaker to ensure that it trips correctly. If any faults are found, our electricians will make the necessary repairs or replacements. Fuse board testing is a simple and effective way to prevent electrical accidents and ensure that your electrical system is always operating safely.

Fuse board testing is an important part of electrical maintenance and should be carried out regularly to ensure that your system is running safely and efficiently.

Fuse Boxes Replacement

Outdated fuse boxes are less effective at protecting from electrical faults, making them very dangerous. You might notice some of the following problems in your home or workplace:

  • Nuisance tripping
  • Your fuse board is over 20 years old
  • Your fuse board is constructed of plastic or wood
  • Your fuse board is not fitted with an RCD (residual current device)
  • Faults with lights, oven lights power or RCD
  • Blown fuses

Fuse boards, also known as fuse panels, are an important part of any electrical system. They house fuse elements that are designed to protect the circuit from overloads by melting and breaking the circuit when too much current flows through.

Over time, fuse boxes can become damaged or corroded, which can lead to electrical problems. If you have an older fuse board, it’s important to have it checked regularly by a qualified electrician.

If repairs are needed, they can often be made quickly and easily. In some cases, however, a fuse board replacement may be necessary. A fuse board replacement can be a big job, so it’s important to make sure that it’s done by a qualified professional. But with the right person on the job, you can rest assured that your electrical system will be up and running safely and efficiently.

When you book a callout with Bison Electrical, we will conduct a visual inspection of your home fuse box and offer our expert guidance on whether repair work is possible, or if you should opt for a full replacement instead.

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In the case of a fuse board replacement service, these can only be certified by a Part P electrician. Contact Bison today to book your inspection.

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