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Having worked with many landlords over the years we have the knowledge to advise on the necessary legal requirements for your HMO Licensing. As a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the electrical installations in your property are safe. This includes ensuring that the wiring is in good condition and that any appliances provided are safe to use.

You should also provide your tenants with information on how to safely use the electrical appliances and facilities in the property. If you are carrying out any work on the electrical installation, you must ensure that a qualified electrician carries this out. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or even death.

Regular checks should be carried out to identify any potential problems, and repairs or maintenance work should be carried out as necessary. This not only helps to avoid potential hazards, but also ensures that the electrical system is able to operate efficiently. In addition, businesses should have a procedure to deal with electrical emergencies.

Compliance with the law when it comes to electrical safety is something that you cannot afford to overlook. We can advise you on your obligations and how best to ensure that you are fully compliant with current legislation.

The Bison Electrical team offers a bespoke service for HMO properties. Whether you require an emergency electrician or find yourself in need of an emergency EICR report, Electrical certificate required for HMO landlords, these services have been designed for you. All our electricians are NICEIC approved and specialists within the field.

Electrical Obligations in HMOs

There are a number of electrical safety obligations to comply with. As an owner or occupier of a property, you have electrical safety obligations to ensure the safety of any person who may use the electrical installation. These obligations include maintaining the installation in a safe condition, having periodic inspections and testing carried out by a licensed electrical contractor, and ensuring that any defects are rectified promptly.

Electrical safety is an important issue, as faulty electrical installations can pose a serious fire hazard. In order to reduce the risk of fire, it is essential that you comply with your electrical safety obligations.

  • Ensuring the electrical installation of the property is safe at the beginning and throughout the tenancy by carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) to ensure the installation within your property is safe
  • Inspections carried out every 5 years
  • Ensuring any appliances are safe throughout the tenancy. This can be achieved through annual PAT testing
  • Ensuring that a carbon monoxide alarm is fitted in all rooms that have a solid fuel burning appliance

If you are unsure about your obligations, you should contact a licensed electrical contractor for advice.

Bison Bespoke HMO Licensing Services

We can help you meet all the legal requirements and can complete all the necessary works to help you meet HMO Licensing standards.

  • EICR (Electrical installation condition report)
  • LD3 Fire detection (interlinked smoke and heat detectors with control switch)
  • Communal automatic fire detection ADF and emergency lighting
  • Plug sockets (correct amount per room)
  • Emergency lighting in communal areas
  • Fuse board, RCD protected to regulation
  • Emergency call points
  • Smoke detector test switch

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If you are a landlord or letting agency managing an HMO, we can help ensure you fulfil your electrical safety obligations and your HMO licensing.

We are NICEIC approved contractors meaning all our work adheres to Part P of the building regulations. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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