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The Importance of Fire Alarm Testing

London is a highly populated and dense city, with many properties, both new and old. The best defence against the damage fire can cause is early warning, which is why fire alarm testing in London is so vital to ensure warning systems are working efficiently to provide and allow early escape and fire management for families, businesses and tenants.

It is a legal requirement in UK law that any home and workplace has a working fire alarm system in accordance with BS5839. Therefore it is your responsibility as a homeowner, landlord or workplace to ensure fire safety systems are working correctly.

Full Smoke and Fire Alarm Testing in London

Fire alarm testing is a crucial part of ensuring that your fire safety system is up to scratch. By testing your alarms, you can be sure that they are working properly and that they will go off in the event of a fire. A fire alarm certificate will provide proof that your alarms have been tested and that they are in good working order. It will also highlight any issues with the system, so that they can be fixed before a fire occurs. Testing your fire alarm system is an essential part of keeping your property safe, so make sure you do it regularly.

Bison Electrical carries out full smoke and alarm testing, to ensure smoke detector systems are functioning at their best. We serve both domestic and commercial clients, providing the best fire alarm testing London has to offer. We can carry out detailed checks of all forms of smoke alarm, both in the home and in the workplace, to give you peace of mind and check your early warning systems are fully operational should the worst happen.

Protecting your home or business

Our fully qualified electrical engineers are on hand to provide alarm testing on a regular basis or as an emergency call-out.

In the workplace or in communal apartment blocks, fully functioning alarm systems are vital and you may be in breach of health and safety laws if such systems are not regularly checked and maintained.

In the home, having a working smoke detector or fire alarm is the best way to keep your family safe if a fire breaks out and you need to evacuate.

Fire Alarm Maintenance London

The best way to ensure your fire alarm system is working as it should is with regular servicing and maintenance. This will ensure everything is in good working order and any issues can be caught and fixed early before it’s too late.

At Bison Electrical, we have fully qualified and NICEIC approved assessors who have significant experience in fire alarm testing in London. We can provide this service on a routine basis or one-off depending on your needs and requirements.

We will talk you through the process and alert you to any issues we find as well as offering our services to repair these. Our fire alarm testing is fast and efficient to ensure we cause minimum disruption to your home, tenants or employees.

Book an Alarm Test in London Today

We can guarantee that our smoke and fire alarm testing services will see your detection systems are in top condition and doing the job they were installed to perform. To book your fire alarm testing, simply get in touch with the Bison Electrical team today.

Our highly skilled and experienced electricians are able to carry out jobs both large and small, so whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or the owner of business premises, contact us now to arrange your smoke and fire alarm testing.

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