Why is electrical maintenance so important?


Whether it’s for your home or business, investing in electrical maintenance is important to help minimise the chances of a bigger issue occurring down the line. Keeping a regular eye on your electrics and ensuring everything is working as it should mean you have less chance of a disruptive issue occurring that could hinder your home or business.

The importance of having electrical maintenance electricians

We all rely on electricity, whether it’s our computer to work from home or a refrigerator full of food. It could be the lighting in your shop or warehouse, the conveyor belt on your factory line or even the equipment for a gym – a working electricity supply is vital for so many of us.

But it’s not just important for reducing disruption, it’s also important to hire maintenance electricians for the safety of you, your family, friends, colleagues or customers. An electrical fault can be dangerous, causing electrocution or fires if left unfixed which can kill, maim or injure.

Electrical maintenance for landlords

When you’re a landlord or employer, you also have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment. In the Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 it states that all electrical equipment including portable equipment and installations should be maintained to prevent danger. It is recommended to conduct a portable appliance test (PAT) where necessary which should be carried out by someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out a test and interpret the results such as maintenance electricians.

Landlords are required to get an electrical safety certificate every five years; this is called an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and assess the existing electrical installation within a property and describes its condition. It is now a legal requirement as of April 2021. This inspection looks at the fixed electrical parts of the property such as the wiring, plug sockets and the fuse box as well as showers and extractor fans. The aim of the inspection is to check if there defective electrical work, any electrical shock risks or fire hazards, if electrical installations are overloaded or if there is a lack of earthing or bonding. The EICR does not cover electrical appliances and it is recommended to have these PAT tested.

While there are not regulations for home owners, it’s important for your own safety and the protection of your home to ensure your electrical items and supply are working safely to prevent any accidents occurring down the line. Booking in electrical maintenance is the best way of preventing dangerous accidents happening. Most electricians recommend a maintenance check every 3 to 5 years, but you might want an electrical maintenance check when you move into a new property for your own peace of mind.

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